The 100 Day Project

It all started when I went along to a cut & paste collage night at B. B. Art in Tainan, Taiwan. Initially it was a way of keeping all the bits of paper ephemera that I was collecting as I travelled Asia. A practical exercise has now become a bit of an obsession. I read about The 100 Day Project and decided it would be a good creative experiment, one collage every day for 100 days.

As a designer I love to simplify, and making the collages is my way of simplifying the world. Isolating abstract shapes and colours from my surroundings helps me to find beauty in even the most everyday aspects of life. I like the random nature of using materials that I find to make the pieces – it takes some of the control out of my hands. I’m interested to see how my image-making process will develop over the course of the 100 days. Check them out at my project instagram page here.